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Nuove confezioni Car Pro

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1 Nuove confezioni Car Pro il Gio 27 Mar 2014 - 22:58


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CarPro cambia anche la confezione dei suoi prodotti Smile

Eraser : less color additive,now stronger oil remover while keeping safe use on delicate car paint.
PERL : added special water based resin which improve much more durability life time, we expect now 4~5 months durability on plastics and rubbers with great hydrophobic effect.
FogFight: different formula which is easy to use and wont haze on car glass
CQUK : major improvement! , 70% sio2 now + 5% special fluorine to add hardness and durability against chemicals. we now expect it to last up to 2 years over car surface!
IronX / IronX LS : different active chemical which has 50% less harsh smell. this goes for ironX paste as well.
IronX Snow Soap : used now natural organic cleaner substance , not alkyl anymore. with less harsh smell as well
CQ Fabric : new formula to make the spray faster dry over the fabric surface.
FlyBy30 : different silanes used now to help anti abrasion from wipers.
any product which has been upgraded has special sticker( New Formula 2014) on it to define from the old ones.
these together with our new unique products we have lately launched , Spotless and Reset.

we are working these days on Reload , Hydro2, and TarX , they will not be the same soon with better effect.
Non of our products line are or will be the same as there were a year ago.
we are non stop looking to improve ourself from all aspects, Since we produce now all ourselves we have the chemistry and the R&D to do so
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